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Pastor Joseph Bradley

God  gave pastor Joseph Bradley a vision of a ministry where rejected people can come in and be received, a place where they can get the uncompromised  Word of God, develop a close relationship with God- not religion (man made rules and regulations) A ministry which will cause people to be changed through the power & Word of God, for God's Word says in John 6:37b" ...he that cometh to me I will no wise cast out." 


Thus birthed 2nd Chance Ministries Christian Fellowship which name later changed to 2nd Chance Ministries Christian Worship Center. Pastor Joe lead's 2'C's Damascus Road Experience men's ministry.


He has years of  experience in coaching & counseling engaged and married couples as well as single men. Joseph also works with churches in helping them develop their media center.

He is a powerful and anointed ordained licensed Pastor & Minister, teacher, counselor and Certified Life Coach. 

His joy is full when he can be the instrument God uses to help transform lives.



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